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Hemp Biotics both manufacture and supply the purest organic CBD based products. We choose the finest raw materials from across the globe and manufacture in the UK. By controlling the supply chain we can guarantee quality for our customers.

From oils to salves and body butter we strive to provide our customers with only the purest and most effective CBD derived products.


Fight the battle from both sides with our amazing bundle deals. Many external ailments stem from an internal root cause so we like to suggest a combo attack. Get a handy bundle of selected goodies direct to your door!

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Based on 34 reviews
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Kelli Jones
12:59 04 May 20
Huge thanks to Miles for recommending a couple of products for my hip dysplasia (all round inflammation of my hips).... Just finishing off the Full Spectrum Oil- great sized 30ml bottle. Definitely prefer the coconut oil taste as opposed to some others I’ve tried but more importantly, big help to relaxing the muscles before bedtime to enable sleep and for me to get into a deeper sleep. At 31 I’ve had a hip replacement and due another because of hip dysplasia and these products allow me to take much lower doses of painkillers and more of the natural stuff! Thanks again for the advise- look forward to trying more.read more
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Rachel Charlotte
12:56 04 May 20
The Full Spectrum oil is brilliant taken before bed to ease back pain and aid sleep. Within a few weeks of use I’ve... really noticed the overall difference. Miles provides super friendly expert service. Would recommend!read more
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Stuart Sneddon
11:02 23 Mar 20
I have been a customer for 9 months I want to point out the personal customer service from Craig in Scotland , he has... went above and beyond to help me find the right dosage and ensure I even got a delivery the next day for my dog Oscar. There are so many CBD Oil companies on the internet but this company provides oil in 30ml bottles not 10ml as a first note, the supply full spectrum oil that means the oil comes from the full plant and not just the seed. When my dog was diagnosed with spondolytis after going back and forth to the vets wondering why he could hardly walk 500 yards without stopping , this oil has been life changing. What this company do is give you the correct product for my dog and not a product with a name that suggests it’s still suitable, the price when we love our pets so much never comes into it, like me I would do what I can do make sure my dog Oscar is okay, but this company does not over inflate the price of the product ,you should know that dogs can absorbe full spectrum CBD oil more than humans. I can not fault this product it’s brought my dogs life back and I say that with a big heart 💖, I was told by the vets to look at quality of life when all I needed was a product that would help with the inflammation of spondolytis, help his with movement and help him with his pain, he suffers from social anxiety Oscar this has helped also. It took me a while to find this company and every time someone sees me in the park with my dog Oscar they say he’s looking amazing, this is not down to him being medicated to the eye balls in vets pain meds this is with his controlled diet and the full spectrum CBD oil for dogs, I have gradually increased the strength over time as Oscar is 12 and I haven’t needed to worry about the price increases as this company again doesn’t overcharge and one bottle can last 3 times a normal bottle of a competitor due to the size all bottles come in. I am forever grateful for this oil and company , most recently Oscar will be going in for a hernia operation and due to the virus I made a decision to buy in bulk and I agreed a price to get 20 bottles so that I have piece of mind for the rest of the year. Thank you Craig so much for your personal help and thank you Help-Biotics - people reading this review check with what you are buying this CBD oil is from the full plant and comes with all the benefits of that. I know my Oscar would not be acting and able to move like he is 4 years younger, I couldn’t sleep seeing Oscar having trouble moving, I know spondolytis can’t be reversed but it can be slowed down and that is what this is doing for my dog. I want to shout About this company and product To anyone I can and I do. Love love love this product I was paying Over £40 for 250mg of 30ml At a competitor site this company cares about our animals and what the provide to the customers xread more
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14:25 20 Dec 19
Unbelievable customer service! Products are of the best quality. Can’t recommend enough. Heard about Hemp Biotic’s... through a friend at the gym A*read more
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Lee Phillips
20:05 20 Nov 19
Just want to thank Miles at Hemp Biotics for his advice on which product was best for my symptoms ... excellent fast... service. Very happy. Cheers.read more
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Alan Post
13:10 20 Nov 19
I was recommended this product by a friend for my dad who suffers from arthritis (neck, back and hip). He's been using... the oil for a while now and has seen a huge improvement. The level of pain he suffers with is now so much more manageable and he's far more comfortable in his day to day routine. Hemp-Biotics suggested the full-spectrum oil which surprised me as this isn’t their most expensive product, so a big thank you for your honest advice.read more
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Kenny Brown
21:55 18 Nov 19
Had a stressful time with work recently and decided to try the full spec oil from Hemp Biotics. Definately took the... edge of things and helped with sleep so really impressed.read more
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Sean Laing
14:25 17 Nov 19
I buy and use this stuff for myself and the horses. I use it for sports recovery as do a lot of running and the horses... use it for nerves and lameness. Also seems to help with their digestion and mood. Its really good value in my book.read more
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Matthew Clay
13:22 17 Nov 19
I have been using the dog products for the last two months now as have two dogs that are getting on a bit now. Main... issue was getting around. The oil has made a massive difference. Thumbs up form me!read more
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Peter McPhie
14:58 30 Sep 19
Hemp Biotics oil has changed my life. I suffer badly with arthritis and each day was a chore, constant pain and... stiffness. Since using the oil my pain has become much more manageable and I genuinely feel so much better. They didn't try and fog me off with their most expensive oil, they listened and advised me on the best product for me! I can't thank you enough for all your help and advice.read more
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George Crossland
09:17 26 Sep 19
easily the best oil on the market, i suffer with anxiety and stomach pains, but once im in the routine of taking this... both are basically completely gone. staff are supportive and helpful, honestly a no brainer!read more
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Nicola Ross
09:36 18 Sep 19
I purchased the CBD oil medium strength for my dad for his arthritis and it seems to be working. There isn’t a huge... difference straight away, however over a matter of a couple of months, things have vastly improved. I believe it also helped with a dermalogical skin condition my dad had which antibiotics would not cure. My uncle also uses it for knee pain and it has helped him. He stopped using it for a while and his knee pain came back again so started using it again and his knee pain has no gone. It really is worth a try as it will not do any harm.read more
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Nicola Lines
20:44 22 Aug 19
I have suffered from anxiety on and off all my life. I recently tried the 1000mg Full Spectrum oil from Hemp Biotics.... It really has taken the edge of things, especially in stressful times. The key it to continue taking it to build up the levels in your body. Works for me!read more
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Zoe Claire O'Connell
21:11 21 Aug 19
My daughter is 22 years old and had a seizure out the blue, being a single mum of an epileptic son already I feared the... worst as he's medicated, my daughter proceeded to have several more seizures. I posted this to Facebook in an epilepsy/seizure group to which I was contacted by Miles, and I was shocked at the results my daughter had two drops in the morning two drops at night and had one mild seizure and was administered more while in seizure. Over the following days she continued with the oil, and she decided not to take it for two days and over those days she had several seizures and decided to carry on taking this she's due to see a neurologist next week and she's adamant she's going to tell them what she's using. I am amazed at the results and will continue to have this product due to the fact my daughter is not having seizures. This is amazing product and i can't thank Hemp Biotics enough for making my daughter's health somewhat better. I'm so pleased with the results and im recommending this company to many as words written down doesn't seem to say enough to say Thank you..... Everybody needs to know that this truly works so thank you from the bottom of my heart.read more
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Toni Calliva
13:47 14 Aug 19
I recently had crippling lower back pain from over exercising. I literally found it hard to walk and the muscles all... went stiff as a board. The doctor prescribed a short dose of muscle relaxants and although they helped, it was short lived. My friend recommended that I try a high concentration Full Spectrum oil from Hemp Biotics. I was amazed at how effective it was. It took quite a few hours to kick in but when it did...WOW!read more
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Caroline Upton
18:06 20 Jun 19
I've tried a few cbd oils but this is by far the best I've taken! Pleasant tasting and very effective
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Dean Butler
17:55 31 May 19
Organic Body Salve Been using for 3 weeks now, it seams to have taken control of all of the psoriasis, that was on my... hands! On over 7 different sites, spread over both hands. No advanced skin cell, acceleration, no new plaque’s Pretty impressed. DB.read more
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Steve B
09:48 31 May 19
On recommendation purchased the Hemp Biotics variant for horses, such an improvement in my skittish mare who is... generally wired 99% of the time and has a muscular problem in the back.. both aspects have improved greatly since using the Hemp Biotics product! Will be going back for more!read more
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Stephen Harrison
19:54 13 May 19
I Love Hemp Biotics products! I tried so many different brands but none have compared to the quality, price and most... importantly results of Hemp Biotics products. I would highly recommend their Hemp oil for huge health benefits and they even had an oil for my dog!read more
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Miles Stuart
17:44 30 Apr 19
I started taking CBD oils a few years back for anxiety. I quickly discovered a massive variance in quality out there so... decided to start producing my own so I know exactly what's going in. One thing led to another and we have Hemp Biotics 🙂 I love our products and they are working wonders for a lot of people which really makes me very happy.read more
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