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Hemp Biotics specialise in the production and supply of high quality organic hemp extract oils and oil blends.

We only manufacture using the highest quality raw materials from across the globe and blend in our state-of-the-art production facility here in the UK. We control the entire process to ensure our customers only get the best & purest products available.


Full Spectrum oil is essentially the entire natural oil extract from the hemp plant which is extracted using a cold press. As such, Full Spectrum contains the full array of compounds found in the plant. To name a few, CBD, CBG, THC (Trace <0.2%) and over 100 others. Many argue this is the best oil available due to the ‘entourage effect’. This means all the compounds from the plant work in unison to produce an overall beneficial effect.


Pure CBD extract oil is the single CBD compound extracted from a Full Spectrum extract, increased in concentration. A typical bottle of our Pure CBD oil contains 99% CBD compound whereas our Full Spectrum contains 20%. Many swear by Pure CBD but it really ends up being a matter of choice to the individual. Pure CBD tends to be more expensive as it takes much more full plant extract to produce the required amount of CBD.


Fusion is a relatively new addition to the family and is a fine blend of 3000mg of our Full Spectrum Oil and 5000mg of organic Reishi Mushroom Spore Oil extract. Reishi has long been respected in the Far East for its fascinating properties. The result of blending these two oils together produces a highly effective oil.

“Nature is an amazing thing, and we at Hemp Biotics are truly dedicated to our mission of providing highest quality natural extracts to our customers.”




CBD & Sports Recovery

Whether you take regular rest days or engage in a low-impact activity, your recovery periods are designed to give your body and your muscles time to adapt to intensive workouts. With this in mind, CBD is often thought to be a useful supplement to aid in recuperation.

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Could CBD Replace Antidepressants?

Depression and anxiety are prevalent in the UK. And as the taboo is being broken down, we are seeing increasing numbers of people talking about the fact that they have had or are currently suffering from depression or other mental health problems.

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We actively encourage you to conduct your own research and are always happy to hear from you with any questions, information or advice.


Nicola Stansfield
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I have been using 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil from Hemp Biotics for over a year now and have recommended it to my partner and parents. We now all use it as a preventative natural medicine. My Mum suffers from anxiety and she has had amazing unexpected results using the oil daily. I can not recommend this company enough! The customer service is great, the prices are extremely reasonable, the shipping is speedy and I’ve had many free gifts which is a bonus 🙂 the most important thing is the great results you get with continued use ❤️ Thank you so much for continuing to provide a great product and fab service! XXX
Rachel Johnston
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The Full Spectrum oil is brilliant taken before bed to ease back pain and aid sleep. Within a few weeks of use I’ve really noticed the overall difference. Miles provides super friendly expert service. Would recommend!
Kelli Jones
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Huge thanks to Miles for recommending a couple of products for my hip dysplasia (all round inflammation of my hips). Just finishing off the Full Spectrum Oil- great sized 30ml bottle. Definitely prefer the coconut oil taste as opposed to some others I’ve tried but more importantly, big help to relaxing the muscles before bedtime to enable sleep and for me to get into a deeper sleep. At 31 I’ve had a hip replacement and due another because of hip dysplasia and these products allow me to take much lower doses of painkillers and more of the natural stuff! Thanks again for the advise- look forward to trying more.
Alan Post
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I was recommended this product by a friend for my dad who suffers from arthritis (neck, back and hip). He's been using the oil for a while now and has seen a huge improvement. The level of pain he suffers with is now so much more manageable and he's far more comfortable in his day to day routine. Hemp-Biotics suggested the full-spectrum oil which surprised me as this isn’t their most expensive product, so a big thank you for your honest advice.
Supriya Patel
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Purchased the 5000mg CBD Oil - Excellent product - 100% effective towards my ailments - only after a week - cant recommend this product enough. Customer service cannot be faulted!
Matthew Clay
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I have been using the dog products for the last two months now as have two dogs that are getting on a bit now. Main issue was getting around. The oil has made a massive difference. Thumbs up from me!
Sean Laing
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I buy and use this stuff for myself and the horses. I use it for sports recovery as do a lot of running and the horses use it for nerves and lameness. Also seems to help with their digestion and mood. Its really good value in my book.
Peter McPhie
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Hemp Biotics oil has changed my life. I suffer badly with arthritis and each day was a chore, constant pain and stiffness. Since using the oil my pain has become much more manageable and I genuinely feel so much better. They didn't try and fog me off with their most expensive oil, they listened and advised me on the best product for me! I can't thank you enough for all your help and advice.
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Unbelievable customer service! Products are of the best quality. Can’t recommend enough. Heard about Hemp Biotic’s through a friend at the gym A*
Stuart Sneddon
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I have been a customer for 9 months I want to point out the personal customer service from Craig in Scotland, he has gone above and beyond to help me find the right dosage and ensure I even got a delivery the next day for my dog Oscar. There are so many CBD Oil companies on the internet but this company provides oil in 30ml bottles not 10ml as a first note, they supply full spectrum oil that means the oil comes from the full plant and not just the seed. When my dog was diagnosed with spondylitis after going back and forth to the vets wondering why he could hardly walk 500 yards without stopping , this oil has been life changing. Read more
Lee Phillips
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Just want to thank Miles at Hemp Biotics for his advice on which product was best for my symptoms ... excellent fast service. Very happy. Cheers.
Stephen Harrison
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I Love Hemp Biotics products! I tried so many different brands but none have compared to the quality, price and most importantly results of Hemp Biotics products. I would highly recommend their Hemp oil for huge health benefits and they even had an oil for my dog!
Miles Stuart
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I started taking CBD oils a few years back for anxiety. I quickly discovered a massive variance in quality out there so decided to start producing my own so I know exactly what's going in. One thing led to another and we have Hemp Biotics 🙂 I love our products and they are working wonders for a lot of people which really makes me very happy.
Nicola Ross
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I purchased the CBD oil medium strength for my dad for his arthritis and it seems to be working. There isn’t a huge difference straight away, however over a matter of a couple of months, things have vastly improved. I believe it also helped with a dermatological skin condition my dad had which antibiotics would not cure. My uncle also uses it for knee pain and it has helped him. He stopped using it for a while and his knee pain came back again so started using it again and his knee pain has no gone. It really is worth a try as it will not do any harm.
Tony Calliva
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I recently had crippling lower back pain from over exercising. I literally found it hard to walk and the muscles all went stiff as a board. The doctor prescribed a short dose of muscle relaxants and although they helped, it was short lived. My friend recommended that I try a high concentration Full Spectrum oil from Hemp Biotics. I was amazed at how effective it was. It took quite a few hours to kick in but when it did...WOW!
Steve B
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On recommendation purchased the Hemp Biotics variant for horses, such an improvement in my skittish mare who is generally wired 99% of the time and has a muscular problem in the back.. both aspects have improved greatly since using the Hemp Biotics product! Will be going back for more!
Kenny Brown
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Had a stressful time with work recently and decided to try the full spec oil from Hemp Biotics. Definitely took the edge off things and helped with sleep so really impressed.
Ross Ford
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Extremely happy with the positive effect Hemp Biotics has had on my dogs. Helping one with his anxiety, and the older ones with their joint movement, especially in colder weather.
Caz McCamley
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Have had recurring issues with a cold sore and tried all the pharmacy recommended creams . They did not work so in vain tried the lip balm and within 24 hours the tingling had gone and the sore started to disappear. I use daily now and it is keeping it away. Highly recommend
Kenny Brown
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Our little star freaks out with fireworks so this year tried some dog oil from Hemp Biotics. Really helped him cope so very happy.
Abbie Reid
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I have wanted to try cbd oil for a while so was over the moon to win some from hemp biotics along with some lip balm. I’ve been taking it twice every day and have to say I feel great, way less anxious and just a nice general sense of well-being. Also discovered it’s quite helpful when dealing with a hangover ha. Will be ordering more as soon as I’m finished. Service was also great I had my products within a couple of days of winning them. Great stuff! I’m sold.
Caroline Upton
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I've tried a few cbd oils but this is by far the best I've taken! Pleasant tasting and very effective
Nicola Brown
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I have suffered from anxiety on and off all my life. I recently tried the 1000mg Full Spectrum oil from Hemp Biotics. It really has taken the edge off things, especially in stressful times. The key it to continue taking it to build up the levels in your body. Works for me!
George Crossland
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easily the best oil on the market, i suffer with anxiety and stomach pains, but once I'm in the routine of taking this both are basically completely gone. staff are supportive and helpful, honestly a no brainer!
Stephen Almond
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Bought this as a gift for a close friend of mine that suffers with arthritis and am amazed by the results. She has been ordering from these guys now.
Jonathan Imber
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First class product, easy to order and best price I could find, fast delivery too, what more could you ask for?
Sarah J
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Bought this for my senior doggo, he loves the taste of it so it’s easy to administer as he licks the dropper! This is the first UK based CBD seller I’ve found that has specially formulated oil for pets; very reasonably priced too. Have recommended to other doggo friends.
Zoe Claire O'Connell
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My daughter is 22 years old and had a seizure out the blue, being a single mum of an epileptic son already I feared the worst as he's medicated, my daughter proceeded to have several more seizures. I posted this to Facebook in an epilepsy/seizure group to which I was contacted by Miles, and I was shocked at the results my daughter had two drops in the morning two drops at night and had one mild seizure and was administered more while in seizure. Read more
Jayne Butler
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You've given our 8/9 old (maybe older) rescue staffy a new lease of life! She was getting shakey legs, getting stiff after a walk and sometimes struggling to jump on and off the couch. We haven't noticed her legs shaking for a few weeks now and is hopping on and off the couch no bother! We seen a recommendation on instagram and can't thank you hemp biotics enough!
Carol Lines
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Taking for nerve pain, seems to be working great.
Graham Webb
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I was a bit unsure about this stuff but a friend told me to try it for my back pain and to be honest I am shocked at how much better I feel, top stuff and will be a returning customer.
Terry Young
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Used the Oil on my psoriasis working a treat
James Brown
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Good stuff

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