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About Us

Hemp Biotics are driven by a passion for hemp derived CBD (Cannabidiol) and the many other compounds found within the hemp plant. 

We select only the finest raw materials from across the globe and manufacture right here in the UK. This model means we can control the entire process ensuring our customers receive only the highest grade products available.

With our head office in London and satellite offices in Scotland and Northumbria we are positioned to supply not only in the UK

but globally (local laws permitting). Our manufacturing lab, where all the magic happens is situated in sunny Norfolk. 


Hemp Biotics are committed to the proven and emerging effects of CBD  (Cannabidiol) and the other compounds found within this amazing plant.

Nurture From Nature

From oils to body lotions and salves, our entire business is built on a desire to help not only people but our animal friends as well. We strive to ensure every process in the business is as ‘earth friendly’ as possible. From avoiding plastics and ensuring our impact is kept to an absolute minimum you can rest assured you are receiving responsibly produced products at the highest quality available.


Our motto: “Nurture from Nature”

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BRITISH Hemp Association

Hemp Biotics are proud to be Associate Members of the highly respected British Hemp Assocation. 


This alone stands testament to our focus on quality and our dedication to educating people to the great powers of Hemp.


By working closely with the BHA, our goal is to provide customers across the globe with the highest quality products available.

Our Team

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Our Guru. Mike can often be found wandering the streets of London at 2am creating new ideas in his head. Some are pretty good and, erm, some are pretty awful. He tries 1f642 - About Us

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Craig is our creative wizard. With over 20 years experience working with some of the worlds biggest brands it’s great to have him on board. He can easily be bribed with Starbucks.

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Baxter is our Head of Security. From guarding our stock to chasing the pesky postman, Baxter is always on hand for all our security needs. He likes Jumbones as payment.

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Aspen is our Logistics Manager. When he is not working extremely hard he keeps the team entertained by horsing around. We would like him to do more but he just says neigh! 

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