CBD Infused Beard Balm (30g)

CBD Infused Beard Balm (30g)


Nourish your beard with our luxury CBD infused beard balm. Made from 100% natural and organic raw materials, you can guarantee not
only a healthy beard with a hint of shine, but a nice clear concsience to boot.


None of our products contain any added fragrances. Any fragrance is the natural scent from our fantastic organic ingredients. This results in a more skin and earth friendly product that won’t interfere with your favourite perfumes, aftershaves and colognes.


Best applied to a damp beard, few drops onto palm, rubbed gently between hands to warm then applied in a downwards motion. Leaving the beard growing strong, healthy and replenished,



Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, natural bee’s wax, jojoba oil, full spectrum CBD extract (100mg).


CBD is not considered a cure or treatment for any medical disorder; it is a potentially beneficial dietary supplement. Consult with your doctor before using CBD products. This includes if you are pregnant or breast feeding. CBD can interact with some types of medication.**

Full technical documentation and lab reports available on request**

THC Content

All our products contain <0.2% THC. Please note CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program.

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